Dalton is a recent BA (Hons) Product Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University. He has a passion for craftsmanship, underlying product narratives and designing for longevity.

Throughout the duration of both his degree and a 51 week industry placement, this has developed a designer with a creative passion, keen attention to detail alongside a personal drive for original solutions to critically challenge our thinking. 


Dalton`s Origin stool and the focus behind it is what attracted us at New Designers. The Origin stool is made to last with a focus on durability, longevity and an aim of being passed on. Origin is formed using materials which mature, developing unique patinas with age and use. The idea being to encourage individual patinas and with it individual character, to therefore create unique iterations of each Stool. 

Attachment of emotional value is encouraged through underlying narratives, via the journey each Stool has not only taken through materialisation, but also the journey it is to take through ownership. Theory being that information such as where materials are sourced, the craftsmen involved etc. can be accessed via each Stool's unique serial number, as well as allowing for this narrative to be continued if chosen to do so. Established on these ideals Origin aims to give greater meaning to our possessions by challenging our ideas of ownership.

During university Dalton spent 51 weeks on placement with Korda Developments Limited, as a Design Assistant within the company's Product Development department. The role included product development through the use of both Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software, liaising with oversees manufacturers as well as senior Product Development staff, and progressing designs from initial conception to mass-manufacture. Upon finishing his placement he was offered a permanent position as a CAD Designer post-graduation. As a result, the offered position is to be pursued within the near future, however this will be alongside further development of Origin.

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