The “Britain is Great” campaign is a Government backed initiative to promote British Industry abroad. Backed by David Cameron, the campaign is seen by many as “the most effective global campaign of territorial marketing since the Big Apple campaign in New York” (Sean Pierre Gonguet, La Tribune, Paris 24.05.12)

This marketing machine which has been created uses the power of celebrity, the royal family, sporting events and British industry heavyweights such as McLaren to promote everything British in one refined and powerful campaign.

Each industry sector has its own sub-category under the “Great” banner. As a furniture designer/ manufacturer, Nova is part of the creative industry sector which is promoted under the slogan “Creativity is Great”.

The creative industries council (CIC) is working alongside UKTI to create a strategy for growth in the creative industries sector. The main aim of the strategy is to “double exports and double inward investments”. Additionally, UKTI have set a target for creative industry exports of £500 million per year.

In order to achieve these ambitious targets UKTI are working with the industry with guidance from the CIC targeting specific opportunities abroad through the HVO programme, delivering a high impact marketing campaign (Britain is Great), combining industry knowledge and leveraging partner strengths through a 100 company strong creative task force.

Having seen examples of the publicity created by the Great campaign, it appears that this is a band wagon worth jumping on for SME`s. Where else can you get free help and advice to promote your business abroad? Not to mention a free marketing campaign which features some of Britain`s finest exports. Nova Interiors is about to embark on a new adventure into the export market. Previously, the risks have been too high and costs prohibitive. Now, with the help of the UKTI, the BCFA and the “Britain is Great” campaign Nova can leverage off a support network which provides knowledge, marketing and the ability to open doors which are difficult to prise open alone.