Teaming up with our web developer Evoluted based down the road in Sheffield, we have dusted down and freshened up our e-newsletters.

Nova has been involved with some prestigious projects and made a lot of fantastic pieces of furniture over the years. We thought it is time to stop keeping it a secret and share our work with the world! We are a humble bunch so the newsletter isn't just about us!  We will provide you with the latest industry news and updates from our inspiration zone to share design ideas and technology developments.

Additionally, we are in the process of making some useful changes to our company website and getting social on a variety of new social media channels.

We feel that information is king, which is why we have made most of our website changes to the way product details are displayed. By making these changes we are providing our clients with additional information on our products and the options available to them, ultimately making it easier to bring their projects to life!

Significant improvements will make it easier to view and choose the different fabric, finish, spec and accessory options available on all products. As well as being able to display clearer images, dimensions and packaging options.

We are adding a number of exciting new elements to including an inspiration zone for designers. This will be kept up to date with innovative products and ideas that we feel are too good to keep to ourselves.

Our new e-newsletter will be hitting your mailbox from August with the website update following shortly after. Meanwhile, why not stop by our Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram pages for more Nova inspiration!