Luminoso is a multi-award winning architectural material - luxury wooden panels that transmit light, creating a unique transparent wood effect. In modern interior design, wood remains an elementary and aesthetically important component in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Luminoso, a fusion of light and wood, enhances the impact of wood in an environment.

Fibre optics embedded within the solid wood allow either direct sunlight or artificial light to be transmitted. The stronger the light source, the more dramatic the effect. Graphics can be applied to the back of the panels to create unique and customized effects such as images, logos and graphics, in a variety of colours. Luminoso can also be used in conjunction with LCD screens to display moving images, this can also be interactive with the user or provide information that can be updated real-time.

Fields of application and reaction of the material in specific cases:

The uniqueness of Luminoso and the broad range of possibilities and applications evokes an enthusiastic response from the international design community. Luminoso can be used in most non-structural, internal applications and has been used in hotels, bars, restaurants, spas, retail space, office buildings, private residences, automobiles, yachts, private jets, trade fair booths, information and directory signage. 

Other important facts:

Luminoso is sold in standard panel sizes of 3000 mm x 500 mm; 3000 mm x 1000 mm or 3000 mm x 1250 mm, and is available in a variety of wood species: Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Sapele, Wenge, and Teak, with other wood species available upon request.