In order to offer clients such a wide range of products, Nova Interiors has developed an extensive global supply network in order to source the best materials and products to supplement our in-house manufacturing capability.

All suppliers must fill in a pre-qualification questionaire and undergo a factory inspection before being accepted onto our approved suppliers list. We only accept companies who share our values of good communication, attention to detail, quality products and flexible supply are considered.

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Local Suppliers

Where possible we use local UK suppliers for items such as;

  • Glass
  • Metal work
  • Fabric
  • Case goods

By using local suppliers our ability to produce furniture in short lead times and small production runs, is enhanced. We are also able to closely monitor quality and rectify faults quickly.

Global Supply

Our network of factories in Bulgaria, Vietnam and China allow us to take advantage of high volume - low cost production in an increasingly global market. In order to ensure quality meets Nova Interiors exacting standards, we have our own quality control team who conduct pre-production QC checks.